Week 8-Lifelong Learning

“Lifelong learning may be broadly defined as learning that is pursued throughout life: learning that is flexible, diverse and available at different times and in different places” (Lifelong Learning Council QLD Inc.,2013)

As Educators, we have a role, not only to educate students, but to give them the skills and knowledge to continue to learn once they have left school, and enter new avenues of life. As Howell writes “Educational Outcomes are no longer restricted to the years of formal schooling; we are now concerned with developing the skills and aptitudes in our students that will ensure they engage with learning across their lifetime” (Teaching with ICT: Digital Pedagogies for Collaboration and Creativity, 2012) The use of digital technologies in schooling enhances the tools in which the student has when they leave school, to continue their pursuit of knowledge. Use of tools such as the Internet, computers, apps and computer programs in school, will assist in lifelong learning, as well as the skills to use these technologies. In many ways, increasing digital fluency in students will lead them closer to being a life learner

I have attached a video by Jeffrey Gitomer, about being a lifelong learner, and why it is important in todays age in your job, and making money.


Howell, J. (2012) Teaching with ICT: Digital Pedagogies for Collaborations and Creativity. South Melbourne, Victoria. Oxford University Press


Jefferey Gitomer’s Sales Training Channel. (2008). Lifelong Learning.Retrieved from  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zh6yd6wfCgU


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